• Image of WAITLIST CLOSED : Shards of Narsil Stained Glass Hanging
  • Image of WAITLIST CLOSED : Shards of Narsil Stained Glass Hanging
  • Image of WAITLIST CLOSED : Shards of Narsil Stained Glass Hanging

*** PLEASE READ: ***
March 4th 6:30am update- the waitlist is CLOSED (for now). Thank you so much for your interest! I will post on my socials when I am ready to start another waitlist. For now, any waitlist emails sent after this cut-off will be deleted. Thank you SO much for your interest and support. It truly means the world to me.

Best wishes to you all, Ashley

** March 2nd noon update: oh my goshhhhh, you all have sold out two pre-orders!
To those who have just come to my shop to purchase a Shards of Narsil Hanging, my first two pre-orders have now sold out. Please contact me using my contact page or at ABJglassworks@gmail.com if you would like to be put on a waitlist for the next pre-order (in roughly 4-5 weeks). I will contact you after finishing my current pre-orders and offer you the chance to place an order for the third (!) round. I will open up 8 spaces at a time, on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can always elect to be put back in the “pot” if you aren’t ready to place an order and I will contact you again for the next round.

I cannot express how I feel at all your support and amazingly kind words. Truly at a loss. Thank you go much! Let’s hunt some Orcs!

Amazed and on cloud 9,

* March 2nd: My original pre-order sold out (wow wow wow! Thank you!), so this listing is for Pre-Order #2. I will fulfill the first pre-order before starting on these, so please give up to 4-5 weeks before expecting your order to ship. This will be the last group of pre-orders for now, and once these sell I will collect names for a wait-list.

This listing is a pre-order, as the final design is tweaked to perfection (hello, I’m a Capricorn sun). The final design will be read in a few weeks, at which point I’ll start fulfilling orders for this piece! If you have other items in your order let me know if it is okay to wait so they can all ship together.

A depiction of the Shards of Narsil from the Lord of the Rings, re-interpreted in stained glass. The handle of the sword is grey stained glass that has been handpainted in silver and black and fired to an enamel finish. The individual shards are detailed in silver to mimic the 3-dimensionality of the sword and are connected to each other with clear filament- giving the illusion that the pieces are floating.

Height: 23” (final dimension may be longer to elongate the final shard)
Width: 4.25” (at widest point)

All handmade by ABJ Glassworks outside of Philadelphia using lead-free silver alloy solder and eco-friendly techniques.

Sold Out