• Image of The Hilt of Narsil
  • Image of The Hilt of Narsil
  • Image of The Hilt of Narsil
  • Image of The Hilt of Narsil
  • Image of The Hilt of Narsil

* My Fantasy Inspired Collection re-opens each month. The next opening is June 29th at 2pm ET. Orders placed during this opening will ship in 5-6 weeks *

The estimated shipping time for this opening is 5-6 weeks in addition to shipping time. For more information check my FAQs :)

A depiction of the Hilt of Narsil inspired by Tolkien's works, re-interpreted in stained glass. The handle of the sword is grey stained glass that has been handpainted in silver and black and fired to an enamel finish. The clear glass blade fragment is detailed in silver to mimic the 3-dimensionality of the sword.

This design is inspired by the moment at the end of the Second Age when Isildur picks up the hilt-shard of his father's (Elendil) blade Narsil, which broke as Elendil fell, and uses it to cut the One Ring from the hand of Sauron and take it for himself.

The Hilt of Narsil is available with or without the optional One Ring attachment, which can be attached with a small clasp or discretely removed as you wish. Select "no ring" or "with One Ring" when making your selection.

* If the One Ring is not visible as an option when you order please email or use my contact page to request the addition to your order if you wish!

Height: 10.5” (Height with One Ring attached: 13")
Width: 4.25” (at widest point)

Currently this design is only available for shipping within the United States and Canada.

All handmade by ABJ Glassworks outside of Philadelphia using lead-free silver alloy solder and eco-friendly techniques.

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