• Image of Winter Solstice Moon Phase 2015
  • Image of Winter Solstice Moon Phase 2015

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A cool lunar cycle to get you through our longest night. This moon phase garland is made of 5 hand-cut full circle moons in a colored stained glass and mirrored glass. Each moon is a full circle, with both the bright and dark sides of the moon phase represented. Each phase of this cycle is made with a different shade of stained glass. The full moon in this phase is a dark royal blue, the next is a wispy dark periwinkle, the half moon is a mottled pale blue cathedral glass, and the crescent is a dreamy sea green.

The Complete Moon Phases have rings at the beginning and end of the strand, so it can be hung horizontally or vertically.

Total Length: 22" (when stretched to extent)
Height: 3" (height of each individual moon)

* Ready to ship.
All moon phases are handmade by ABJ Glassworks in Philadelphia using glass and a lead-free silver alloy solder.

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