• Image of Teardrop Terrarium Kit, large

This stained glass teardrop terrarium has two openings so you and your plants can get inside. The versatile shape allows you to hang it from a ring at the top or sit it on a table, windowsill, or anywhere you like.

It will arrive as a kit, with almost all the supplies you need to get started: pebbles, activated charcoal, rubber feet (if you want to use it on a surface rather than hanging) and a few suggestions for how to get your terrarium started. The terrariums are handmade from glass and a lead-free silver alloy solder.

This style is great for multiple succulents , air plants, and other medium sized plants and herbs.

This stained glass terrarium comes in silver or with a copper patina.

Width: 7 1/2"
Depth: 7 1/4"
Height: 10 1/2"

* plants and soil are not included *
* eco friendly lead-free solder used to create a safe micro-environment for plants *

Made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.
Please check terms & shipping for up to date shipping times.