• Image of Sustainable Lunar Calendar, Major Moons Style

A lunar calendar that you can use month after month, year after year.

The ABJ Glassworks Lunar Calendar is reusable. Each month use the phase guide that comes with your calendar to place the individual stained glass phases in order. Then it's up to you whether to fill in the dates, make a note of special events (celestial or otherwise), decorate or leave blank.

The calendar has a black chalkboard finish, 2 hooks to hang the phases, and a hole in the top for hanging. It comes with 2 stained glass moon phases (a full moon and a new moon), a chalk pencil and a reference list of lunar full and new moon dates for the year [The reference list can also be purchased separately as a download].

Height: 9"
Width: 5.5"
Depth: 0.75"

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