• Image of Bluebells Floral Wreath
  • Image of Bluebells Floral Wreath
  • Image of Bluebells Floral Wreath

Inspired by traditional floral wreaths, I have made my own versions in stained glass. Most of the blossoms are reminiscent of particular flowers, while not fixating on exact details, more the general feel that flowers present from afar.

This wreath is made with three sprigs of bluebell flowers in various shades of blue and periwinkle stained glass. I tried to envision how stems laden with bluebells seem to defy gravity by holding up a small army of blossoms on such delicate stalks. I wanted the brass wreath to act as a frame in which the bluebell garden could exist. Five grassy stalks of green stained glass emerge from the base of the frame.

There are 3 individual stems in this wreath. Each copper stem can be delicately adjusted to create different angles.

I intend these wreaths to be hung inside on a wall or in a window, but they could be hung on a front door, as long as it is not completely open to the elements.
Each wreath has a copper loop at the top for hanging.

Measurements (approximate due to the adjustability of the wreaths):
Height: 8"
Width: 8"

Handmade by ABJ Glassworks in Philadelphia using lead-free silver alloy solder.

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