• Image of The Circle Game, no.15
  • Image of The Circle Game, no.15
  • Image of The Circle Game, no.15

It was this time last year that I made the first one of these suncatcher sculptures. As my glass cutter skimmed around each curve I realized that Joni Mitchell’s song The Circle Game was playing on repeat in my head, “... and the seasons, they go round and round...” The rest of these pieces followed over the rest of the year as I became infatuated with the hypnotic, therapeutic trance they induced in me as I cut, foiled, soldered and finished each one.

Each Circle Game piece is unique and numbered. Sold individually.

The glass in No.15 consists of 4 types, an opalescent opaque glass, yellow, teal green and wispy pink stained glass, with alternating roundels of beveled prism glass.

Measurements (of glass)
Height: 34"
Width: 2" (at widest point)

Handmade by ABJ Glassworks in Philadelphia using a lead-free silver alloy solder and eco-friendly techniques.

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