• Image of In the Garden  - Luna Moth
  • Image of In the Garden  - Luna Moth
  • Image of In the Garden  - Luna Moth
  • Image of In the Garden  - Luna Moth
  • Image of In the Garden  - Luna Moth

My idea for this series was to create sets of flora and fauna that can be hung separately or hung together, creating 3 different looks - the floral wreath alone, the Luna Moth alone, and then the two together. Together they they create an image of each creature in its natural habitat.

Each creature is shown with flowers that they feed on in the wild. When researching the Luna Moth to find out what I should include in its wreath I found out that the adult moth does not eat! It has no mouth or digestive system, as it only lives about a week after leaving its cocoon. They also spin the tails of their wingtips in circles to disorient bats that want to snack on them and make a getaway. As a result of this newfound knowledge I decided to make a wreath for the Luna Moth with a nighttime scene - a wispy moon made of clear and white glass, hand painted golden stars on deep blue glass, and a little black and brown bat trying to catch its next meal. A copper loop is attached at the top of the wreath for hanging.

The Luna Moth was cut from teal, white and clear stained glass, then hand-painted and fired to an enamel finish. Care was taken to replicate the moth's wing patterns as faithfully as possible, including the light veining of the wings. Two discreet copper loops are attached to the top of the wings and then connected by a thin copper chain for hanging.

I have included images of the wreath and creature shown separately and together so you can get a feel of the adaptability of the pieces.

Measurements of the moth (not including chain)
Width: 5.75"
Height: 5"

Measurements of the wreath
Width: 10"
Height: 10"

Handmade by ABJ Glassworks in Philadelphia using stained glass, silver-alloy solder and eco-friendly techniques.

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