• Image of Earth Terrarium Kit, large

I call this style my "Earth" terrarium, as it's based on a cube, a shape which the ancient Greeks identified with the earth element. This terrarium is stabilized on a flattened point, a new way to look at a well-known shape, and the front square is open so you and your plants can get inside.

It will arrive as a kit, with almost all the supplies you need... just add plants. Inside the terrarium is a muslin pouch with pebbles, activated charcoal, and a few suggestions for how to get your terrarium started. The terrarium is handmade from glass and a lead-free silver alloy solder.

I find that the cube shape is great for cacti and plants that like dry environments.

This stained glass terrarium either comes in silver or with a copper patina.

Width: 8"
Depth: 8"
Height: 9"

* plants and soil are not included*
* eco friendly lead-free solder used to create a safe micro-environment for plants *

Made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.
Please check terms & shipping for up to date shipping times.